Sunday, May 4, 2008

And the winner is....EDEN

the winner to the first arbitrary contest is Michael Arling with his pick of A portrait in Landscape by Robert Adams. It wasn't my pick but it was the closest to Eden by Robert Adams. I was going to give it up to Papageorge's Passing Through Eden, but I am one of the few thinks Tod should stay in the classroom so I decided to pass on that guess. Michael will have to make room for the brink of a book by PL Dicorcia.

If any of you get a chance to find this little gem titled Eden by Robert Adams in a used book store it is quite a treasure. Published in 1999 under the dysfunctional team of Roth Horowitz, this tiny book is so meticulous it hurts. It reminds me of the precision, fluidity and size of the first printing of Eggleston's Guide. The title of the book is named after a railroad official and not the biblical paradise. "Eden is a place without human gentleness. The air is weighted by the sound of traffic" Only 1000 were printed so they are pretty hard to come by. Adams stays away from his didactic essays and allows these images to flow between the on and off ramps of this little town in Colorado. Thanks for all the guesses. Another giveaway soon