Friday, April 25, 2008

and the winner to The 5 Great Expectations List is....

and the winner to The 5 Great Expectations List is....wait, before I disclose our winner I want to talk about my disappointed in this forum for a conversation. Perhaps it is inevitable that the discussion will eventually be reduced to insults on artists and even on people posting. The final moment for me was an extremely offensive comment who's insults to collier schore were so appalling it is not worth repeating. I am baffled, confused and worried about those in the art world whose anger rises so close to the surface. Instead of editing comments. I have decided to turn them off until I can come up with a better system for monitoring

and the winner is...wait, one more thing. I want to take this moment to thank everyone out there that has been sending me emails of support and encouragement about this site. I had so much traffic in the first week that I had to change my stats counter account to one that accepts more traffic. The most satisfying aspect of looking at the stats has been the percentage of returning viewers. Once again, Thank you and we will continue posting (hopefully more than once a week)

and the winner is... Crystal A with her list of:

1. Year One by Tobias Fäldth
2. Working from Memory by William Christenberry
3. It Is Difficult by Alfredo Jaar
4. Playgrounds by Peter Friedl
5. Wake by Adam Jeppesen

Basically it was a good list but the clincher for me was Year One by Tobias Fäldth. I love the title and the idea behind the book. It reminds me of a joke by Steven Write. "I kept a journal growing up. Day one, still tired from the move." Thanks to everyone that contributed and Crystal make room for the Misrach book-once you email me your address Misrach will be taking up way too much space on your book shelves.