Saturday, March 29, 2008

Free Photography Books

I thought it would be fun to give away books this year. Guess my all time favorite photography book and win Thousand by Philip Lorca Dicorcia. Reasons to love this book. Frankly I am really tired of so many book designs and the actual book not relating to each other. There is nothing worse than when the experience of the book and the images fall in on each other instead of working in conjunction. Most photographers that I talk to dream of making that large coffee table book without thinking and understanding the experience of looking at the book, holding it in your hand, turning the pages, feeling the texture of the page. Thousand is more reminiscent of  Atget’s Paris, that elegant brick containing endless photographs of Parisian streets. The pages of Thousand are thin and the printing is loose. They reflect the nature of the Polaroid used to take the images. The book is held together in a fantastic cardboard sleeve. Would you expect anything less from SteidlDangin?

Enough about that, what about the free book? So, Tell me your favorite photography book. If yours and mine are the same, then Thousand is yours. I should rephrase the first one to match gets the book. If a month goes by and no one gets it, then I will make some absurd six degrees relationship to figure out which one is the closest.
good luck