Saturday, March 29, 2008

Frederick Law Olmsted Landscapes

Lee Friedlander has aged well and his books continue to inspire and encourage us to rethink our surroundings. The color, size and overall design nods to the first edition of Emmet Gowin Photographs. If you don't already own Gowin's Photographs eBay your newest copy of Mark Klett that your dad got you at Houston Fotofest, sell your dusty Michael Kenna books that you collected in college and purchase a decent copy of Emmet Gowin Photographs(not the Brown one done in 1976 by the same name, but the orange 1991 release by the Philadelphia Museum of Art)- it is a must, way before The Olmsted landscapes. On the other hand, Friedlander makes me wish Gowin was half as prolific these past 10 years. The Frederick Law Olmsted is a nice addition to any decent collection. Although I do want to see his take on a less romantic subject. If anyone out there has some money and wants to hit Friedlander with a commission here is a book project for the making: Rethinking Robert Moses a look at the New York City’s most beloved enemy. Wouldn't that make a fantastic book? Couldn't you just see Friedlander’s gritty and beautiful take on Mosses? Who else could do it? The easy answer would be a post 70's large format color book by an over-published Yale grad. Lets hope that doesn't happen. Anyone else?